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Georgian House Bridal in Doncaster - 

The home of fabulous wedding gowns and dresses

After 22 years we will be leaving our location at Georgian House in Hall Gate in mid September. We plan to relaunch in a new location very early in January 2023.

In the meantime, to make the transition as smooth as possible we have taken all of our continutity stock that will be moving with us off the sales floor and drastically reduced the price of every dress that is left in store. Every single one of them needs to be sold by mid September so we dont have to store them. The price range of the clearance dresses is from £100 to £600 now. There are some absolutely stunning bargains in store now. We are selling a lot of dresses so don't hang around or you will miss out.

Similarly we have Tailcoat and Lounge suits to clear as well in a range of sizes along with numerous ex display waistcoats and neckwear.  

To make an appointment just give us a call on 01302 366550 and we would be delighted to arrange that for you.

       Mens Formal Wear from Gerogian House Doncaster